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If I were to ask, “What is the most grace-centered book of the Bible?” what would be your answer? While you could easily point to Paul’s letter to the Romans or the one he wrote to the Galatians, what if I said the strongest argument could be made for the book of Genesis?

Consider that not only does Genesis recount God’s interactions with humanity prior to the Law which was given to Moses in Exodus 20, but every Scriptural argument made by the New Testament writers advocating God’s grace pulls directly from the pages of Genesis. In a profound sense what Romans and Galatians soundly communicate doctrinally, it is Genesis that illustrates practically. Within ever verse you will see “The Genesis of Grace!”

The fact is that every single story in Genesis oozes the grace of God! Instead of law or some standard to measure worthiness, Genesis presents example after example of men and women who, through faith in His promises, come to experience the transforming power of God’s amazing grace. A power that does not manifest in our lives by the things we do for God, but is rather a natural reciprocation of all the things He’s done for us! The power of grace is not found in what we do, but is instead evidenced by who we grow to BEE!