At Calvary316 we place a high emphasis on our Sunday service as it provides the optimal time for the church to gather to worship, partake of communion, and spend time in God’s Word. And while we believe consistent attendance on Sunday will afford most ample opportunity to foster genuine community with other believers, we also recognize the reality that many need another outlet for the development of these important relational connections. This is why we encourage those who attend Calvary316 to “Move Beyond the Sunday Service.” Every other initiative we place our energies and resources into (whether it be our monthly Church Fellowship – Ladies, Men’s, Community, or Youth Events, weekly Prayer Community or Free Cereal Bar, or Home Groups) have been created with the specific desire to help our members create community with one another.

FREE COFFEE & CEREAL EVERY SUNDAY: Every Sunday morning before the service we run a full service cereal and coffee bar free for the whole family! In addition to the fact you can’t get cereal for breakfast at McDonalds, Starbucks, or even Dunkin, we offer cereal because this breakfast luxury is one of the few things our culture has still reserved for the home. While the coffee is available throughout the morning, we reserve the cereal for before the service. Come out early, grab a bowl of cereal, and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

We’d like to invite you and your family to join us for a very special Christmas Eve Service. In addition to Pastor Zach sharing a Christmas message, our service will include a birthday party for Jesus for the kids, a tradition candle-lighting ceremony, Christmas music, and a time of communion as we recognize the work Jesus came to this earth to accomplish. As you make your plans, please note our service will begin at 4pm and last about one hour.

Community Event: December 24 | 5:30 pm

This Christmas Eve following the service the Elders of C316 would like to invite both our members and attenders to join their families for a traditional Cuban Pig Roast at the home of Larry & Leslie Parkin (390 N. Cross Lane, Monroe 30656). The church will be providing the pig, but we’d ask those who come to provide the fixings. Because the size of the pig is determined by the number of eaters, we would ask that you RSVP by using this link no later than Wednesday, December 4th. If you are unable to attend our service at 4pm, the roast will start around 5:30pm.

Youth Event: Come join us to celebrate the reason for the season! We will be having a small Christmas get together at Kyle and Millie Parkin’s home at 3 pm on Saturday, December 14th. We will be having a white elephant gift exchange so bring a gift that you think would be fun and unique for someone to receive. The gift limit is $15. We will also be having dinner together followed by a bonfire. Pickup will be at 8 pm. This is the perfect event to bring a friend and spend time together as a youth group. There is no charge for this event besides the gift you bring. For more information and the address email Millie ([email protected]). Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Community Event: December 15 | 9:00 am

Pastor Zach would like to invite you to join he and a few of the other Elders for our “Connecting Point” gathering before the service. We’ll meet in the Kidzone at 9:00am and be done around 9:45am. In addition to a time of prayer, the fundamental purpose of this gathering is to provide a simple way members and non-members alike can develop a greater connection with the church leadership and in the process get to know their church better. Coffee and donuts will be provided.

The word “Sabbatical” finds its root in the Biblical term “Sabbath.” While it has a more broad application than our understanding of a weekly Sabbath, a Sabbatical is a period of time set aside for intentional rest and relaxation. More than a vacation, you might think of a Sabbatical as a break from the normal grind for the specific purposes of refreshment and renewal.

At Calvary316 there is no doubt our Sunday morning service is 100% dependent on our faithful volunteers. Every aspect to making Sunday morning a special experience requires the sacrifice of both time and energy from our members. Knowing that over the course of a 52-week year this can become a grind, we designate a few Sundays a year to be a church-wide Sabbatical.

On December 29, 2019 we will not be having our normal Sunday service. Furthermore, June 7 and July 5 of 2020 will be our summer dates. Whether you utilize this weekend as an opportunity to schedule your family vacation or simply choose to relax at home with your children, we hope you enjoy the break and come back the following Sunday renewed and refreshed. 

Community Event: TBA | 10:00 am

We’d like to invite you to join us for our semi-monthly “Eat, Pray, Shoot” event hosted at Larry Parkin’s home (390 N. Cross Lane, Monroe 30656). Not only will we have breakfast together, but we’ll also spend time in prayer followed by target practice. YES! You can bring guns to this event. NO CHILDCARE PROVIDED. If you have any questions contact Joe Entrekin ([email protected]).

Men’s Event: Thursday, TBD | 7:00 pm

Every other Thursday Pastor Zach hosts a Men’s Gathering we are affectionately calling “Man Group.” In addition to a conversation style Bible study through Proverbs, the laid back nature of this meeting intends to create a comfortable environment whereby men can be free to share what’s going on in their lives, receive council and advice, as well as pray. Most Thursdays the men will be meeting at the church, but we’d encourage you to reach out just in case we decided to meet at someone’s home — [email protected] or 678-438-9202.

Community Event: TBA | 12:00 pm

In Act 2:46-47 we’re told the church “continued daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people.” With this in mind following our Sunday Service we’re going to have a Potluck (Theme: TBA). Aside from providing everyone an opportunity to bring a dish to share with the church, these times provide a wonderful opportunity for everyone to hang out, enjoy good food, and develop meaningful community with one another.