In light of what’s happening in our world right now, I do believe the Book of Revelation is more relevant than ever as long as it’s presented the way God intended! Yes, this book addresses the coming future. Sure, it’s brutally honest as to the trajectory of where all of these things lead and how our world will end. And there is no question it can be a bit scary at times. That said, you need to remember the future is revealed in this book for one simple reason — so that you might come to see Jesus in a new and radicle way! It is not an accident the book begins declaring itself to be “THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST!”

I’m convinced what our culture needs most in these trying and difficult times is not a message of escape from a coming tribulation. Once more it’s totally inappropriate to use this book to stoke people’s fears by conjuring up more things to be afraid of hoping it will motivate a person to action. The Gospel is not based on escapism nor is it fatalistic. Additionally, using the Book of Revelation to make grand predictions as to how or when these future events will occur isn’t helpful. Jesus was clear, “No man knows the day or the hour” — so it’s wrong for us to speculate.  

When it’s all said and done it is my hope and prayer that you will walk away from each study in the Book of Revelation — not scared, freaked out, or worried about the future, but feeling as though you came to know your Lord and Savior Jesus just a little bit more than you did. I pray with each study you gain a fresh insight of Jesus as He reveals Himself to you. 

When our series is finished I don’t care if you know more about the future or have all your eschatology figured out. In fact, my goal isn’t to explain all the nuances behind the symbolism or connect all the prophetic dots. It’s not the point of the book or why it’s important. Instead, I want you to leave our travels through this book having a greater understanding of who Jesus is and a deeper love for Him as a result. In the end, we’re going to study this book for, in such a time as this, we all need a fresh Revelation of the King! — Pastor Zach Adams