The story of Jonah the prophet is extreme because it illustrates the fact God’s grace is extreme! In the context of Jonah’s hate and hurt the very command that he go to Nineveh left him with a choice: He could experience freedom from his racist attitude towards the Assyrians by demonstrating to them the very grace he’d once received, or he could resist God’s grace and seek to run from the presence of the Lord. 

Like Jonah, all of humanity has but one of two responses to God’s grace: We can open our hand to receive it and then be a conduit by which that grace can be demonstrated to others, or we can close our fist in defiance. As you study this book, “Resisting Grace” will not only yield tragic results in your life, but will ultimately reveal you’re resisting God in the process.

Whether you read my free E-Commentary, watch the sermon video, or listen to the audio, I invite you to join me in an in-depth study of this amazing story. As you study the book it’s my prayer you will discover a depth to God’s grace you didn’t know existed. There is no question God’s grace is extended to mankind independent of our involvement — grace is God giving to us what we do not deserve. And yet, this fact doesn’t negate the reality you will either receive God’s grace or resist it. Jonah is the tale of a stubborn man who discovers resisting grace isn’t worth it.