At Calvary316 we believe there is no higher calling than to teach our children about Jesus. It’s with this aim that we’ve crafted an entire children’s ministry focused on kids encountering the love of Jesus on their specific level. From our nursery all the way up to youth ministry our goal is for kids to learn about Jesus and have a blast in the process. Everyone of our teachers not only have a passion to accomplish this task and are vetted accordingly, but they are all equipped with solid, Bible-based curriculum.

One of our other core convictions is that every child is different and that development isn’t completely standard. While we’ve set up classes based on ages and grades, we believe it’s not always in the best interesting of the child to be ridged in these arbitrary divisions. If a parent believes their child needs to be moved up or held back, this is something we’ll respect and be flexible concerning.

In Matthew 19:13-14 we read, “Then little children were brought to Jesus that He might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'” There is no question Jesus loves all children and it is our desire to demonstrate that love.

Our core desire is to provide a safe and sanitary environment for even our youngest attendees. Not only is the nursery equipped with a crib and changing table, but it also has plenty of stimulating toys to keep the little ones occupied while their parents enjoy the service. For moms who are still nursing we have an adjacent room to the nursery which allows these women the ability to attend the service in the comfort of privacy.

Our core desire for our toddlers is to provide a fun, engaging environment dedicated to fostering a creative learning experience. Because these little minds are moving from discovery to experience, we’ve specifically created a program that focuses on introducing Bible themes through crafts, story times, and sing-a-longs. Note: The toddler room is located directly off of the nursery for the purposes of potty-training and the like.

Once a child is potty-trained we’ll transition them to our preschool ministry, which we see as a critical step in the process of learning to learn. Obviously, the environment is both fun and hands on, but the main focus is to prepare each child for the Kidzone experience. This is why in addition to an interactive learning environment our ministry model is designed for the preschool children to spend more time learning through 10 minute Bible lessons.

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Once a child finally enters first grade we transition them to our Kidzone. For boys and girls up to 3rd grade the Kidzone is designed to be a fun, engaging experience where our overarching ministry model is applied to the kids…. Teaching the Bible! Though the context of each lesson is taught in a relevant, applicable way that is age specific, our chief desire is to see our kids learn about Jesus and God’s love for them.

Because the needs of a 4th or 5th grader become much more complex than in the earlier years of elementary school, we have a separate class designated for this age group. While they still utilize the same curriculum as the Kidzone, the atmosphere is much more relaxed and conversational. In many ways we see this particular class as a bridge from the Kidzone to our youth ministry.

For starters, it is our belief this idea of adolescence is a non-Biblical construct. Scripturally, we have presented only two categories: adults and children. With this in mind our youth ministry is specifically designed to prepare kids to become functioning members of our church community by the time they become an upperclassman in High School. While the class is fun and interactive, the focus is acclimating these kids to a verse-by-verse study of the Bible.

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