In writing to the Philippian Church, in context to his experiences, the Apostle Paul pens this letter seeking to address an honest concern. In his Philippian imprisonment, Paul been supernaturally freed. I’m sure it was only logical these believers wondered why, in his Roman incarceration, the same thing hadn’t occurred.

In this letter Paul is going to explain that God takes two different approaches when it comes to delivering His kids from suffering. Sometimes He grants deliverance from our trials, while in other instances, His grace is designed to deliver us through those trials. Paul desperately wants these believers to know that because their joy was based in the amazing grace of God and not their present circumstances, they could rejoice in whatever situations they found themselves facing.

Whether you read my free Ebook, watch the sermon video, or listen to the audio, I invite you to join me in an in-depth study of this amazing letter. As you study Philippians you will discover a glorious truth that vertical peace discovered when one bases their spiritual life on God’s grace blesses that person with an unspeakable joy regardless of their horizontal environment. Writing from a Roman cell, unsure if he’d live or face a brutal execution, Paul was at peace because he was presently enjoying grace!