Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? You’re a Christian, saved by grace, liberated from sin, set free from bondage; and yet, over time you make a serious of tragic decisions? If we’re honest, you knew what you were doing was wrong. You ignored the warnings of friends, the warnings of God’s Word. And then it happened! Your house of cards came tumbling down. Your choices caught up with you. The ruse was up! God intervenes.

In an instance, your life changes completely. You experience what you know to be the judgment of God. Your wife files for divorce citing your affair. Your employer is forced to fire you for cause. A creditor takes away your home or worse still the IRS comes knocking. In a moment you’re ripped by God from the land of promise and forced to live in Babylon. Again, speaking honestly, in these moments it’s only natural you begin to question your standing before God and future. Is God done with you? You blew it. You deserve it. God’s justice demands the consequences you’re experiencing. You imagine you’ve so irreparably ruined things there’s no way the Lord could have any future use for your life? What’s next?

Friend, this is also what makes this book so amazing. The story of Daniel illustrates that while God’s grace doesn’t negate His judgment and in some instances demands it (there are consequences to rebellion), it also reaffirms that you are still His child, He can still use your life, and His grace remains accessible even to those being judged! As we’ll see, like Daniel and a group of his friends, if — in the midst of your judgment and the hardship that naturally results — you accept the fact your plight is of your own making and you choose to repent and accept responsibility, you’ll discover this unbelievable reality… There is still grace in exile! — Pastor Zach Adams