Calvary316, a non-denominational Bible-centered church in Winder, GA, was born in 2013 with the mission to teach the whole Bible, in order to make whole Christians, who will in turn reach the whole world. In a culture that is constantly transforming, our heart is to always remain relevant by bringing the changeless Gospel to a changing world. Scripture tells us that because the Word of God is living and powerful, it and it alone has the power to affect real change in a persons life, marriage or family. This is why at Calvary316, instead of providing another program, we believe the best way to affect the world around us is by teaching the whole counsel of God verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter.

From the modern, contemporary worship style to the relevant teaching, Calvary316 seeks to provided a casual, relaxed environment where the whole family can worship the Father in Spirit and in truth. From our adult teaching ministry to our kids ministry, our heart is to teach the Word of God in such an exciting, down-to-earth way that everyone can leave a Sunday morning knowing more of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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The video posted to the left is a recent message Pastor Zach gave where he explained The WHY behind the WHAT of all we do at Calvary316. In addition to the reasons behind our vision and mission to more specific topics like communion, our philosophy on worship, the particulars of our service structure, the purpose behind our social events, reasons for why we’ve constructed our children and youth ministry the way we have, etc. are all addressed. We hope you find this helpful and informative.