At Calvary316 we place a high emphasis on our Sunday service as it provides the optimal time for the church to gather to worship, partake of communion, and spend time in God’s Word. And while we believe consistent attendance on Sunday will afford most ample opportunity to foster genuine community with other believers, we also recognize the reality that many need another outlet for the development of these important relational connections. This is why we encourage those who attend Calvary316 to “Move Beyond the Sunday Service.” Every other initiative we place our energies and resources into (whether it be our monthly Church Fellowship – Ladies, Men’s, Community, or Youth Events, weekly Prayer Community or Free Cereal Bar, or Home Groups) have been created with the specific desire to help our members create community with one another.

Free Coffee & Cereal Every Sunday: Every Sunday morning before the service we run a full service cereal and coffee bar free for the whole family! In addition to the fact you can’t get cereal for breakfast at McDonalds, Starbucks, or even Dunkin, we offer cereal because this breakfast luxury is one of the few things our culture has still reserved for the home. While the coffee is available throughout the morning, we reserve the cereal for before the service. Come out early, grab a bowl of cereal, and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Outlaw Radio Show: Join Pastor Zach, Creighton, and a crew of guys from the church for an unscripted Bible study every Wednesday night at 8 PM. The show streams on our YouTube channel as well as Facebook page making it easy to interact in real time. On Thursday the audio is released on our podcast. You can learn more about the ministry of Outlaw Radio by visiting

Home Group: If you’re looking for a way to develop a greater connection with the Calvary316 family, we’d like to invite you to join Larry Parkin at his home Thursday night’s at 7 PM. In addition to a conversational style Bible study, these nights include a great time of fellowship, prayer, and community development. Larry is currently teaching through the book of James. Child care is provided. For directions to Larry’s house or for more information, please email him [email protected].

Church Potluck: October 23rd we will be having our next monthly potluck  following the Sunday service. These events are great opportunities for the church family to break bread together and develop genuine community. The theme for this upcoming potluck will be tailgate so we encourage everyone to bring your favorite game-day dish.

Men’s Event: On Saturday, October 15th we will be having our monthly Band of Brothers “Eat, Pray, Shoot” event. This event will begin with an outdoor fire breakfast followed by prayer and time on our makeshift gun range. The morning will begin at 10 AM and is hosted at the home of Larry Parkin. For more information, please contact Nick Mauney at [email protected]

Youth Event: Join us for a scavenger hunt around town on Saturday, October 22nd! Teams will split up and try to photograph as many items/events off of their list as possible and the team with the most wins! A slideshow of all the photos and a pizza dinner will follow. This is the perfect event to invite a friend. The cost is $15 per kid. Drop off at the church at 12pm and pickup is at 6pm. Open to 6th-12th graders. Contact Kyle Parkin at [email protected] for more details.

Halloween Outreach: Monday, October 31st we’d like to invite you to join Pastor Zach and his family for our annual Halloween outreach to The Providence Club neighborhood. Festivities begin around 5:30 PM and will continue to dark. In addition to a bounce house and face painting, we will also be giving away tons of candy. For more information or how you can be involved in this event, please talk to Zach after the Sunday service.

KNO Jesus: On the first Wednesday of every month (October 5, November 2, December 7), Jessica and the crew host a “kids night out” event at the church for children aged preschool through fifth grade. Things kick off with dinner at 6 PM and wrap up at 8 PM. For more information, please reach out to Jessica directly at [email protected].

Operation Christmas Child: This year, Calvary 316 will be participating in Operation Christmas Child! Operation Christmas Child is a wonderful program created by Samaritan’s Purse. Its mission is to provide children around the world with shoeboxes filled with toys, hygiene items, and school supplies as a means of reaching them in their community to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. The children receiving these boxes are those affected by war, poverty, natural disaster, famine, and disease. This program is a great way to get your children involved and begin teaching them the importance of giving and ministry.

Please join us on Sunday, November 6th, as we gather together to pack our shoeboxes and to pray for the children that will be receiving them. The whole family is invited! Just bring your items to fill your box and your shoebox. A pizza lunch will be served as well. Our goal is 100 boxes!

Each shoebox will be sealed with a shipping label to indicate if the box is for a boy or girl and what age the box is for (2-4 yrs, 5-9rs, 10-14 yrs). Please keep in mind the age and gender you are shopping for when picking out your gifts. Each box asks for a $10 donation in order to cover shipping and processing fees. If you choose to donate, you will be able to track your shoebox and see where it lands by using the QR code on your label. Labels will be given at the packing event or at the information center if packing at home.

For those wanting to participate but not pack a shoebox, we are happy to receive financial donations to cover the $10 donations with each box. This can be done the same way that you tithe. You can also choose to donate gift items at the information center on Sunday mornings and we will use them to pack more boxes. Any offering is gladly appreciated!

Some Suggested Gift Ideas: A “Wow” Item such as a doll, action figure, soccer ball and pump, stuffed animal, instrument… Hygiene Items such as hairbrush, toothbrush, washcloth, bandaids, cups and spoons, blanket… Clothing such as shirts, pants, underwear, shoes and socks, hats, sunglasses, and hair bows… School supplies such as crayons and markers, notebooks, pencils, a manual sharpener, stickers, play-doh, watercolors… Toys such as etch-a-sketch, toys cars, books, slinky, balls, kites, and electronic games with extra batteries. A personal note and a photo of your family (we will have sheets at the information center for children to fill out and include as well).

Please DO NOT Include the following: Candy, Toothpaste, Gum, Used Items, Scary or War-Related Items, Food, Drink Mixes, Seeds, Liquids or Lotions, Medicines or Vitamins, Glass/Breakable Items, Aerosol Cans. For more information please contact Millie Parkin at [email protected].