Children’s Ministry

Nursery Ministry

Infants up to 18 Months

Calvary316 provides a fun, safe, and sanitary environment for even our youngest attendees. Not only is the nursery equipped with a crib and changing table, but also has plenty of stimulating toys to keep the little ones occupied. Adjacent to the nursery is our “Nursing Mother’s Room” which allows nursing mom’s easy access to attend the adult service in the comfort of privacy.

Jessica Adams

Nursery Ministry Leader

Toddler Ministry

18 Months to 3 Years

Calvary316 provides a fun, engaging environment for our toddlers, and we’re also dedicated to fostering a creative learning experience. Because these little minds are moving from discovery to experience we’ve specifically created a program that focuses on introducing Bible themes through crafts and story times.

Jessica Adams

Toddler Ministry Leader

Preschool Ministry

Preschool - Kindergarten

Calvary316 sees our Preschool Ministry as a critical step in the process of learning to learn. Obviously, our Preschool environment is fun and hands on, but the main focus of this ministry is to prepare each child for the Kidzone environment. This is why in addition to an interactive learning experience, our ministry model is designed for the preschool children to spend more time learning through 10 minute Bible lessons.

Jessica Adams

Preschool Ministry Leader


1st - 5th Grade

In the final stage of our children’s ministry, before a child transitions into middle school, our Kidzone is designed to be a fun, engaging experience where our overarching ministry model is applied to the kids….. Teaching the Bible! Though the context is taught in a relevant, applicable way that is age specific our chief desire is to see our kids learn about Jesus and God’s love for them.

Shannon Sewell

Kidzone Leader