Tips for School Success

Tip #1: Stay awake in class!

Tips for School Success

Since one of our elders, Chad Mozley, is a teacher at Grayson High School, we decided to roll out a series of videos we recorded a few years ago titled, “Tips for School Success.”

Not only do these videos creatively address several key topics that will ensure your student will succeed in their school experience, but they present the material in a fun and engaging way.

Special thanks to Casey O’Keefe, Matt Fisher, and of course Chad Mozley for their hard working creating this wonderful resource.

Tip #2: Bring your books to class!

Tip #4: Endure the bad day!

Tip #6: Witness of your work ethic!

Tip #3: Bring something to write with!

Tip #5: Ask appropriate questions!

Tip #7: The Helicopter Parent!